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Still in Mal Pais


Hello Friends!

Well much has happened since the last post! Things here are going phenomenally... with a few exceptions of course.

Shortly after we arrived in Mal Pais Steve and I decided to go for a walk... well we walked for a very long time and I got a blister. The town here is amazing, full of amazing stretches of beach and fun little shops to look at. The BEST part is the supermarkets that you get your groceries at, the one by our hostel is called "Super Ronnie #1", further down the road is "Super Ronnie #2". Again a sign that we were meant to be here.

The next day... the day before Canada Day, we finally ran into Jobbie, the owner of Jobbies Surf Shop and Surf School (thanks again Shammie!) and he had already planned out our Canada Day celebrations. Morning surf session, maybe a little yoga and then fishing for some tuna for supper... with plenty of beer of course. The crew for the day would be Jobbie (Calgary), Eric (just outside of Winnepeg), Charlie (Toronto), and Dave... American, and of course Steve and I. Sounded amazing so Steve and I decided the best way to prepare for the adventure was to rent bikes and ride around town... WAY easier than blisters!

Our trek around town was really cool, we rented bikes from a dude that looked like the undertaker and apparently is ONLY ever seen wearing all black, but the deal was good so no big deal. We rode around town and decided to stop by Jobbies shop to see what was going on. By this point is was raining, but it's a warm tropical rain so again... awesome! We found out that due to the rain and stuff, surfing probably wouldn't be the best idea but fishing was still a go! One thing we have learned is things happen in Costa when they are ready to... so no biggie! We would stop by Canada Day afternoon. On our bike ride home the rain really started pouring and we were laughing our heads off. Until my chain fell off mid climb up a hill.... well I sprawled in the middle of the dirt road then sprung up as quickly as I could again before I was hit by a truck or quad or dirk bike that generally FLY up and down the roads. As Steve and I tried to put the chain back on I noticed a bit of blood coming from my hand and Steve said the same of my knee and elbow. At this point it was a little funny! So we got the bikes back to the hostel and washed out my wounds with clean water. All appeared to be surface scratches with a few pretty impressive looking bruises.

Here at the hostel we have formed a pretty fun little family that people have been coming and leaving from with a core group of about 8 of us that have pretty much been here the whole time. In the evening we make a huge dinner together and usually wind up talking or having a couple of drinks with everyone. The night of the bike was no exception! This is a picture of one of our meals... seriously good peeps here!



Steve and I decided that even though Jobbie figure the surf wouldn't be amazing we were going to just rent a board for the morning before fishing. We grabbed a board and had a blast beating the poop out of ourselves for a couple of hours. Steve body surfed a couple on the board and I got up once... all in all not bad for our first day! Even found some fresh coconuts!


When we got back I noticed my blister looked a bit strange but brushed it off and headed for the showers, we had a fishing trip to get ready for! By the time we were all showered up and finishing making lunch, one of our hostel friends, a German doctor asked to look at my foot cause I was walking a little funny. Well, long story short, I got put on a round of antibiotics, had a foot swell up to give me an impressive kankle and have been going through the Polysporin and bandaids like crazy. So on the way to fishing I asked the German doc if I could still drink... all my medical attention comes from within the hostel. Why outsource when the goods are right there! He said "ya, sure"... man I love the Germans!

Steve and I head off for Jobbies to head out fishing. When we get there we find out that Jobbie wasn't around but fishing was still on! Well by the time we got out to the little fishing village we were to leave from a storm looked like it was coming in... so fishing rescheduled for the next morning. Well it's Canada Day, so off to the beer we went! Canada in Costa Rica I am a firm believer is the best idea ever!!!

The next morning we get to the fishing village and the weather is looking amazing. The boys help get the boat in the water and we are off! Eric used to help run some sport fishing tours out of there, so we have all the connections!


We drive out for about 45 minutes and the water is a little choppy but the scenery is AMAZING!!! Being here in the rainy season is phenomenal, everything is so lush and such a dark green! We get out to around this little island where the tuna has been biting the last couple of days... our hearts are set on yellow fin tuna but we will settle with anything, the day is perfect! Well... until they stop the boat to put the first rod in water. They are just your average rod and reel type of setups but the boat moving makes me feel a little off. As soon as the line is out, Steve snags one! As he starts to reel the fish in, I decide I better put my head over the boat for a bit. Well the guys had a great day and caught 10 or so black fin tunas and skipjack... I however had a 2 1/2 hour bout of bulimia, for the full 2 1/2 hours. At one point Steve handed me the bottle of water again and said, "Hey are you on the Paris Hilton diet"? The boys also saw a huge sea turtle and an underground volcano! They were pretty excited about it!!! I was looking at the water on the other side of the boat... lol! Oh, boy!!!


The catch was amazing and we (I recovered as best as I could with a nap and some bread) had fantastic BBQ'd fish and sashimi (skipjack).

The next morning the boys headed off for the first surf lesson with Jobbie. In the picture is Steve, Jobbie and Charlie.


You will notice that I am not in the picture... that is because with my wonderfully swollen foot, I am unable to go in the water until my German doctor gives me the clearance. So Randall (Jobbies dog) and I hung out on the beach... look at how happy he is! Steve did great... I think the surfing thing is starting to make sense to him... I am trying to not get jealous. ;)


Last night, we headed to Cobano for an authentic Costa Rican rodeo! It's a pretty funny sight actually!


They have real bull riding and I have some videos of it, but the internet here is a little stinky and it would take forever to load! But the best part about it, is in the bull riding ring, lined up along the inside is a bunch of guys drinking beer. Anyone can go down there, but when the bull comes towards them they climb the fence and get out of the way just in time. Of course Steve had to try! They were down in the ring for quite a few of the bull rides and when the bulls come by the guys along the edges, the guys kick the bulls or try and step on their backs! Again, Steve for sure had his feet on the back of a bull... how could you not at a Costa Rican rodeo! The best part is as the night goes along, there are several guys that start forgetting that they are in the ring and are just leaning on the fence drinking their beers until the bull starts charging... hilarious!!! No one... other than a few of the cowboys that got stomped pretty good were hurt.


Seriously funny stuff... well after that we headed to the bar in a cage... also at the rodeo that was an awesome mix of salsa and rave. I can assure you that there were no epileptics in the crowd at that bar! Seriously fun times so far!

Today was another surf lesson for Steve and another beach day for me. He is standing on almost every wave he catches and doing awesome! Tomorrow we are renting a quad and heading for the waterfalls so stay tuned for that one!

And mom... don't worry, I'm done the antibiotics, my foot is almost normal size again and my bike wounds are close to healed. And as for the bulimia, I don't think I'll do that again either so no worries there! However, I shouldn't need to cleanse when I get back now... took care of that at sea!

Love you all and having the time of our lives!!!

Happy 4th of July to the Americans!


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Great report guys, kankle (yikes!) and all. Happy Belated C Day....we did Yank Day here on the wonderful shores of Lantzville with Ariel and Jasmine. Finish your antibiotics and continued grandness with your Summer Spectacular (slight paraphrase of a Rian performance involving large hands full of Sheri's pink rose blossoms). - S

by Stephen

Thank you, daughter dear, for the clarification on the infection et al! Glad you're having fun in spite of the medical mishaps although I DO hope that part is all over with. Doesn't Steve know he's supposed to hold your hair for the Paris Hilton thing? :). Good stories but seriously, you need to stay healthy! Keep in touch. Xo

by Dalry

It's a good thing that you got vaccinated for everything known to man....otherwise a swollen foot could have been the least of your worries ;) Glad you are having a great trip and keep the stories coming!!

by Christine

I like fishing and Swollen Feet, Yoga for breakfast and Tuna meat. I like surfing and the rodeo if your ankle gets worse can I pee on your toe? ... Rodeo - Toe - That's all I got :D xoxoxo Catch a wave for me!

by Christina Barnes

Sounds like a blast! I've been thinking of you in the balmy weater. Little did I know that you've been puking, infected and an awesome traveling partner! Looking forward to seeing all the pics when you return!

by Sheri

Turtle meat salad receipes
-add a bit of cayenne spice and lemon juice to the turtle meat..Wow pretty health and delicious

by Rebecca

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